My Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list, and here's mine! I expect it to grow, (but not to shrink) and hopefully I'll start getting things crossed off soon!

1) Hike a Volcano
2) Go Snorkelling
3) Hot Air Balloon Ride
4) Helicopter Flight
5) Paraglide
6) Go on a Husky Sledge
7) Skydive
8) Spend my birthday having a BBQ on a beach (It's in January. This is England)
9) Spend a night under the stars (no tent)
10) Stay in an ice/ snow hotel
11) White Water Rafting
12) Ride a Camel
13) Sleep in a Hammock
14) Go to an open air beach club/bar
15) Learn to Dive
16) Try to Surf
17) Camp on the beach
18) Visit the Pyramids
19) Go to the Rainforest
20) Go to a Salt Lake (Utah or Bolivia)
21) See the Northern Lights
22) Visit Mayan Temples
23) Watch Baby Turtles head to the sea
24) See a Coral Reef
25) Uluru (Ayres Rock)
26) Hike in the Himalayas
27) Go to Yellowstone National Park
28) Eat a Lobster
29) Walk on a Glacier
30) See an Iceberg
31) Try Windsurfing
32) Zip wire in the Jungle (Laos?)

What's on your list?

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